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Name:Dick Grayson | Batman
Dick Grayson was a journalist and a pacifist, a husband and a father. Living in Chicago and married to Barbara Gordon, Dick's life took a severe downturn when their world was attached by Apokolips. Though Dick fought to keep his family safe, Barbara died protecting their son. With the help of veteran boxer Ted Grant, Dick rescued his son and sent him aboard a spaceship that was leaving Earth to protect him. He then joined the Wonders of the World to help them save the Earth, and eventually, the Multiverse.

Along with Thomas Wayne, Dick started a pilgrimage where they met the pre-Flashpoint version of Bruce, and Dick came across a version of his wife Barbara - this one the information superhighway known as Oracle instead of the police officer he had married. Dick and Thomas faced a lethal version of several Batman enemies, including the Joker. In this battle, Grayson survived where Thomas did not, though the Joker shot Dick and left him paralyzed. Dick was saved by Telos, the being that had brought Dick and the other Wonders to save the Multiverse, covering him with a film that returned his mobility.

rying to understand Telos, Dick acompanied him when Deimos attacked and revealed than Telos was human before, with a family. Feeling sympathy for Telos, Grayson insisted in convince him to free the cities without a bloodbath. In the battle against Deimos, Dick would meet Superman (pre-Flashpoint version) who would inspire him to take the place of the fallen Thomas Wayne, become the third Batman.

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